Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I watch all the way up to 101 channels?

    Your TV is more than likely tuned to air and not cable; set your TV to tune cable. This is normally found in menu, all televisions are different. You would now need to auto tune (automatic programming, also found in menu).
  • What can I do to move my television to another location?

    Call the office. Moving a television from one location to another usually requires some form of rewiring. Rewiring is not just running wires but also balancing the signal to make sure you receive a high signal quality.
  • What should I do if my neighbor is taking cable from my line?

    Call the office. That is illegal and it might interfere with the quality of service you receive. We will not mention how we receive the information, the technicians won’t know, but we’ll take care of it.
  • If I need a temporary disconnection for whatever reason, and would like to place my cable on hold, what are the procedures?

    Come into the office and request a voluntary disconnection so you are not billed.
  • When do disconnections commence?

    Disconnections begin the 16th of the month for the previous month in arrears.
  • When is my monthly available and when is my payment due?

    Bills are available the 1st of every month, and payments are to be made at the ending of that month. Customers are given a two weeks grace period after the ending of the month to pay the bill.
  • If disconnected because of an outstanding balance, what are the procedures for reconnection?

    All arrears, the current month, and a reconnection fee must be paid in order to be reconnected
  • Is there a number that I can call on weekends or holidays?

    Numbers 676-9024 and 670-1877
  • If I transfer my service to a new location within Southern Cable Network's network, will I have to pay a new installation fee?

    No, you do not have to pay a new installation fee. You will only need to pay a transfer fee.
  • Can I send someone to request for a disconnection or do I have to come into the office personally?

    You have the option of either coming in personally or sending someone with an authorization letter signed by the account holder.
  • What payment method does Southern Cable Network accept?

    We accept cash and check only at the moment.
  • Why do I have to be home when a technician comes to install my cable?

    We ask that the account holder or an authorized party on the account be home during the installation process to ensure that reception is clear, that all additional outlets are properly located, and that the installation is completed to your satisfaction.
  • What does a negative figure mean on my statement?

    It means you have credit in your account.
  • How long will it take to install my cable service?

    It takes 3 working days but we try our best to complete installations as soon as possible.